Fundamental Interactions

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Fundamental Interactions

These are the most basic interactions in physical systems. There are four conventionally accepted fundamental interactions: 
Gravitational, Electromagnetic, Strong force, and Weak force.

Gravitational Interaction

This is the Interaction that a planet or some other large body that has it's own gravitational field can exert on the System from the 
The Gravitational Interaction from the Earth on an object that is within Earth's gravitational field is 9.81 meters per second squared (m/s^2).

Electromagnetic Interaction

This is the Interaction that charged particles can exert on the System from the Surroundings.
Here we use Coulomb's Constant (8.98*10^9 n/m^2 (newtons*meters squared)) to describe the Interaction between electrically charged particles.

Strong Force

This is the Interaction between subatomic particles of matter. The strong force binds quarks together
in clusters to make more-familiar subatomic particles, such as protons and neutrons. It also holds together the atomic nucleus.

Weak force

This is the Interaction that governs the decay of unstable subatomic particles such as mesons.
It also initiates the nuclear fusion reaction that fuels the Sun.


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